Boxed Bag Template
Boxed Bag Template
Boxed Bag Template
Boxed Bag Template
Carolina Moore

Boxed Bag Template

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The Boxed Bag Template is a new product designed by Carolina Moore to make it easier to make bags, pouches, boxes, and more out of fabric. The template has been designed to be used with a 45mm rotary cutter, to cut out boxed corners and darted corners without fear of cutting too far.

Included with your Boxed Bag Template are written instructions, as well as a simple pattern for making a boxed-bottomed zippered pouch. Watch the video to see the template in action:

The Boxed Bag Template works with existing patterns requiring boxed corners, and comes with a pattern for a simple boxed-cornered zippered pouch.

The following simple patterns have been designed to be used with the Boxed Bag Template:

Cell Phone Stand
Bowl Cozy
Wine Bag
Simple Basket
Canvas Tote

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