2 1/2" Scrap Tape

2 1/2" Scrap Tape

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Scrap Tape is an ingenious way to use your scraps! Simply stitch-and-flip your scraps onto the 2 1/2" wide stabilizer and trim to turn scraps into usable fabric strips! These strips can be used on quilt projects, as sashing, or stitched together to make a larger piece of "made" fabric. When you're ready to use your scrap tape, no need to tear out tiny pieces of paper because the scrap tape is water soluble and easily rinses away in water.

One roll is 2 1/2" wide, and 25 yards long. If you'd like to make enough scrap tape to substitute for an average-sized jelly roll, you will need 2 rolls of this scrap tape.

See how simple it is to use Scrap Tape by watching this video:

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